In order to fly in official Staffel operations, every new member is required to take and pass a basic test which covers a few of the main areas that are important to being successful as a member of this Staffel in our online war competitions. The test will be administered using the Bf 109E-3/B. There are five main parts:

1 - You will be run through the takeoff and landing procedures as the #2 aircraft.

2 - You will need to be able to successfully bomb at least 7 tanks in 10 attempts, as well as strafe at least 7 soft targets (artillery, AAA, vehicles) in 10 attempts.

3 - You will need to be able to successfully complete a dead stick, wheels up landing in the field, and to successfully recover from a stall induced spin.

4 - You will need to be able to verbally go through the phonetic alphabet.

5 - You will fly a mock mission as a flight leader. This is to include the takeoff and landing procedures, navigation, attacking ground forces protected by AAA, and reconnaissance.

New members will receive as much specific training as is necessary to pass all parts of this test.

A much more thorough and detailed training program is run for Staffel members, with weekly meetings every Wednesday. For those, we focus primarily on areas that are relevant to our upcoming missions for that week.