General Etiquette
The behavior that you exhibit as a member of 3./JG51 is very important. You are expected to treat others with respect, squad mates, allies, and enemies alike, whether in game, on comms, in forums, or in emails. Remember, your actions will reflect upon the Staffel as a whole.
Shooting at enemy pilots who have bailed out is strictly prohibited.

Regular attendance is a requirement for all Staffel members. For new members on probation, commitment must be proven through attendance. As a bare minimum, new members must be present for three of the five Thursday training sessions during this five week period. If one or two are missed, it is required that the member promptly notifies the Staffel, preferably beforehand if possible. Provided these minimum requirements are met, the member will be taken off of probation when the five week period has ended. If a new member misses one training session and does not provide a simple notification he will be discharged from 3./JG51.
For established members not on probation, it is still expected that a notification for an absence from training will be given out of courtesy. Members should also give notification for short or extended periods of leave from active status. As we all know, in life, "stuff" happens. In the event of an extreme case which warrants an exception to these rules, the member must take it up with the Staffelkapitän, who will make the final decision.

Scoring System
We will be using online war competitions to keep an official record of pilot achievements. Pilots can earn rank promotions by gaining War Points through these competitions. Awards will be given based largely on their historical criteria.