After enlisting in 3./JG51, a new member's status will be probationary for a period of five weeks. During that time, the member must exhibit a basic skill set that, in part, involves takeoff and landing, low level bombing and strafing, and navigation. At the member's request, a test will be administered to determine if he is cleared for official operations with the Staffel. If necessary, special individual training will be given. Provided the member can demonstrate these basic skills, a Pilot's Badge will be awarded and the member will be cleared to participate in official Staffel events. Each new member will receive a personalized [callsign] e-mail alias.

To remain a member during this time of probation, commitment must be proven through attendance. As a bare minimum, new members must be present for three of the five Wednesday training sessions during this five week period. If one or two are missed, it is required that the member promptly notifies the Staffel, preferably beforehand if possible. Provided these minimum requirements are met, the member will be taken off of probation when the five week period has ended. If a new member misses one training session and does not provide a simple notification he will be discharged from 3./JG51. In the event of an extreme case which warrants an exception to these probation rules, the member must take it up with the Staffelkapitän, who will make the final decision.